Car/Motorbike Storage


Car Storage Charges 2017-18 Charges 
January to March £115+vat per month
April £115+vat per month
June £105+vat per month
July £105+vat per month
August £105+vat per month
September £115+vat per month
October £115+vat per month
November £115+vat  per month
December £115+vat per month

Motorbike Storage Charges 2017-18

£60+vat per month for motorbike storage

Storage Booking Procedure:

  1. Storage Charges vary throughout the year
  2. Car gets a full valet on drop off as well as departure (f.o.c)
  3. Car gets put onto a trickle charge battery compensator
  4. Car gets started once a week and moved back and forward so it does not get flat spots in the tyres
  5. We ask the customer to fill out a report form and sign off once we have checked the car over for any damage and noted the mileage.
  6. We can also carry out in house work on the car while It is in storage i.e. Full service, mot and tax so that it is ready to be driven away on collection – Price on asking
  7. Car is stored inside a dry dehumidified building with the top of the range security system to ensure your car is monitored 24/7


All cars stored with Waterside Classics Limited must be insured as fully comprehensive cover as Waterside Classics limited will not be held responsible in any way in the event of a claim being made against our company. You can insure on an off road basis only and your insurance company will advise on the cost of this cover.

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